North Salem Youth Football Association

Posted May 3, 2016


How do I ask questions?

You can contact us by email at

What is the North Salem Youth Football Association (NSYFA)?

We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to offering both flag K-2nd & tackle 3rd-7th football programs to boys & girls in the North Salem High School (NSHS) boundaries or enrolled in one of the feeder schools to NSHS. We became part of the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League (TVYFL) in 2016 along with Sprague, South, McKay, and Salem Academy. West Salem and McNary joined TVYFL in 2015.

What is Tualatin Valley Youth Football League (TVYFL)?

TVYFL is a tackle based football program for 3rd through 8th grade youth in the Tualatin & Portland metropolitan area in Oregon. They provide the rules, schedules & officials for approximately 40+ football associations. The program boasts over 7,500 players & 300 volunteer coaches. The TVYFL is a non-profit football league whose goals are to provide safe & enjoyable athletic competition, good sportsmanship and fun while developing student athletes & individual growth. For more information, see the TVYFL website.



How much does it cost to play football for NSYFA?

  • Flag K-2nd grade - $50
  • Tackle 3rd-7th grade - $175


Can I make payments?

Yes, we offer two payment options for the tackle program.

  1. One time payment $175
  2. Upfront payment of $50 now, then $60+($5 payment fee)=$65 by June 1st, then $65+($5 payment fee)=$70 by July 1st. ($50+$65+$70=$185)

All levels of NSYFA are expected to participate in our fundraiser program as well. It is an expectation of TVYFL and all teams associated with them. We will provide more information about our fundraiser(s) after registration.

You can set up auto payment plan online or select pay by check to do in-person payment at onsite registration or mail check payments to the address provided during your online registration.  If you choose to make initial payment by check in-person, you will be responsible for making additional payments on your fees by check via mailing or credit card online through your Bonzi account.


What if we still can not afford the league fee?

We have discounts available for families that demonstrate financial difficulties. You will need to speak to a registrar at one of our "in-person" registration events.

  • After the initial fundraising expectations are met, you can further reduce your cost by participating in additional fundraising and applying for a scholarship.


What additional equipment will I need to purchase for my athlete? 

Cleats, socks, mouth piece, and practice jersey. Any other equipment, such as gloves, is optional.


What kind of cleat do I need?

TVYFL rules require that our players wear football cleats that are designed for youth football. They must be either a molded cleat or internally threaded shoes where no post is extending from the shoe (instead, the cleat post - screws internally into the shoe) Maximum size of cleat is 1/2 inch (measured from tip of cleat to base of shoe) No all metal, primarily metal or metal tipped cleats can be worn


What does my registration fee cover?

  • Uniforms
  • Equipment rentals (Helmets and Shoulder pads)
  • Background checks for all coaches and officials
  • Fee for use of Salem High Schools
  • Coaches training
  • Concussion training
  • Fees to TVYFL per team (which includes insurance and field use)
  • Our Website 
  • Fees for online registration
  • Footballs for each team
  • All other equipment associated with the league


Are the coaches and board members paid?

No, all of our coaches and board positions are volunteer.


Eligibility and Registration

How do I register my child?

Our registration is done completely online. Our "in-person" registration events May 14th 9-12pm and May 22nd 5-8pm will be to allow computer access to those that do not have the option at home or need to speak to a registrar about scholarship or discount oppurtunities. 


What age does my child have to be to play football?

Flag - Player must be starting Kindergarten, First, or Second grade in September. 

Tackle -  Player must be starting Third - Seventh grade in September.

Eighth graders will play for their middle school.


Is football only open to boys?

No, both boys and girls are welcome to play NSYF.


When do practices start?

Team practices will not start before July 31st.


When are game?

All games will be played on Saturdays.


How long is a football game?

Flag - Games will take about an hour. Coaches will let you know how early before game time they expect your player to be there.                                                                 

Tackle - Games are played by the same rules that high schools use. The rules are in the National Federation of State High School Association rule book. Your team coaches will let you know how early prior to game time you will need to have your player there. Each team will be weighed in prior to every game and every player must be there for weigh in to be eligible to play in that days game.

Games are made up of four 10 minute quarters. With clock stoppages, half-time, moving of chains, etc. - most games last nearly 2 hours. So plan on spending a minimum of 3 hours at a game with warm ups and weigh ins.. If the game ends in a tie, time is available, and the officials allow, there may be a "Kansas Plan" tie breaker to determine the winner. You will also have to calculate travel time to and from the game.


What is the Kansas Plan rule?

The Kansas Plan rule is a way to break ties, usually at the end of the game, but it can also be used as a playoff at the end of the regular season to determine who makes into the playoffs. Basically, the ball is placed 10 to 25 yards away from the goal (depending on the Division - or age group of the team), and the offensive team has 4 tries to score. Then the teams switch sides and the new offensive team gets 4 tries to score. If only one team scores, then they are the winner. Otherwise they repeat the process


How many games are there?

The 3rd/4th grade teams each play 7 scheduled games and then one "Medal" game against an opponent determined at the end of the season. The 5th - 7th grade teams each play 8 scheduled games. Those in the Top 4 of their TVYFL league will move on to play a semi final playoff game, and those two winners will play a championship game


Where do we play the football games?

Flag - Games will be held at one of the Salem area fields.

Tackle - All "HOME" games will be held at the North Salem High School field. Most "AWAY" games will be held at one of the other Salem high school fields. Expect to play 2-4 games outside of Salem.


Who will we be playing against?

TVYFL determines the schedules. These are active youth football leagues associated with TVYFL; Aloha, Beaverton, Canby, Centennial, Clackamas, Colton, David Douglas, Estacada, Gladstone, Gresham, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Lakeridge, Liberty, Lincoln, McNary, Milwaukie, Mollala, Newberg, North Marion, North Salem, Oregon City, Putnam, Salem Academy, Sandy, Scappoose, SEI, Sherwood, Southridge, South Salem, Sprague, St. Helens, Sunset, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, West Salem, Westview, Wilson, Wilsonville & Woodburn.


What are parents expected to do?

In addition to getting players to practices and games on time, parents are expected to be ACTIVE VOLUNTEERS in the league. We need parents as field greeters, concessions, fundraising participants, field clean up, weigh masters, team parents, etc. The league is made up entirely of volunteers and each parent will be asked to help out in some way.


Is there Equal Playing time?

The TVYFL is a very physical and competitive league. TVYFL has a minimum 10 play rule. This means the each player must play 10 plays in a game. Additional playing time can be earned in practice. Depending on the position and skill level, the willingness to work hard may get a player more playtime. But, ultimately playing time is left up to the discretion of the coaches.

  • Aloha High School (AHS) 18550 SW Kinnaman Rd Aloha, OR 97007

  • Barlow High School (BHS) 5105 SE 302nd Gresham, OR 97080

  • Beaverton High School (BHS) 13000 SW 2nd St Beaverton, OR 97005

  • Canby High School (CHS) 721 SW 4th Canby, OR 97013

  • Centennial High School (CHS) 3050 SW 182nd Gresham, OR 97030

  • McKay High School (MKHS) 2440 Lancaster Dr NE Salem, OR 97305

  • McNary High School (MNHS) 595 Chemawa Rd N Keizer, OR 97303

  • North Salem High School (NSHS) 765 14th st NE Salem, OR 97301

  • Salem Academy (SA) 942 Lancaster Dr NE Salem, OR 97301

  • South Salem High School (SSHS) 1910 Church St SE Salem, OR 97302

  • Sprague High School (SHS) 2373 Kuebler Rd S Salem, OR 97302

  • West Salem High School (WSHS) 1776 Titan Drive NW Salem, OR 97304