North Salem Youth Football Association

Posted May 3, 2016

The North Salem Youth Football Association is a non-profit organization that supports, encourages and enables youth to benefit from participating in football in a safe and structured environment.

Through our program we teach sportsmanship, fundamentals, teamwork, skills and knowledge that youth will use throughout their lives.



  1. To ensure the players and youth are put first and foremost.
  2. To provide a safe, fun, and competitive learning environment for all levels of youth athletes.
  3. To build a sense of pride within the community and organization.
  4. To ensure fair and equitable treatment of all players, coaches, and administrators.
  5. To work with local agencies, schools, and others to provide a quality youth football program to the North Salem community.
  6. To help build the emotional, physical, and mental characteristics developed through athletics.
  7. To help ensure that all youth in the North Salem community have a place to play football, and work with the community to ensure no child is left behind.