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We have made the decision to hold off on opening registration for North Salem Youth Football until we receive more assurance that there will be a season to register for.  While we are hopeful and even a little bit optimistic that we will be able to play football in the fall, it doesn’t make sense for us to get families to make a financial commitment now without more certainties from those who will be deciding this for us, especially in these difficult economic times.  When the message we receive from the state is clarified, we will update our timeline for registration and move forward in fielding youth football teams.

Information will be posted as soon as we get the go ahead.  Please continue to practice PATIENCE, KINDNESS, & GRACE with your family and community leaders.


The 7 on 7 tourney will be postponed. We will update our website and FB with any information as soon as we have it available.


Greetings Parents,

Welcome to the North Salem Youth Football Association. We are a non-profit organization that supports, encourages and enables youth to benefit from participating in football in a safe and structured environment. We teach sportsmanship, fundamentals, teamwork, skills and knowledge that youth will use throughout their lives. We have aligned ourselves with Tualatin Valley Youth Football League. The other High Schools in Salem have also created their own associations. Our goal is to give our young players the best possible experience. We are committed to creating a fun, learning and exciting experience for your child.

Equipment we provide: Game jersey, integrated pants, helmet, shoulder pads and mouth guard. Equipment you will need to purchase: cleats, practice jersey.

As with any new association, there are tons of questions. Please refer to our website, or fire off an email: 

At your service,

Dean Sweeney
President, North Salem Youth Football Association

2020 Football Registration will be opening SOON!

Registration for the 2020 Season opens SOON :

3rd-7th Grade Tackle Football- $175 for 3rd-4th rookie tackle, $225 for 5th-7th grade tackle.

We are able to offer several payment options this year. 

1) Pay in Full ONLINE at time of registration with a credit/debit card or checking account.

2) Payment plan starting at time of registration. $45 paid at time of registration (if registering prior to 5/5) and auto payment paid 5/5, 6/5, 7/5, & 8/5.  If you are registering after 5/5 all prior payment amounts are added to initial payment. For example; Registering for 7th grade tackle on 6/7 your initial payment will be $45 + $45 + $45 = $135 and payments of $45 will be automatically charged on 7/5 & 8/5 for a total fee of $225.

 3) Pay in Full OFFLINE with cash or check immediately following registration. This option is for IN-PERSON registration ONLY.

 4) Pay $50 fee at time of registration with credit/debit card or check and fundraise for the remaining $125 or $175. You MUST do fundraising to choose this option. We will be offering a few different fundraising options this year to earn the rest of your registration cost. 

ALL registration fees and fundraising money is due in full prior to receiving your player's game jersey.

Registration for K-2nd grade flag will be opening later in April.

Important Dates

IN-PERSON tackle registration for 2020 season: CANCELLED
  • Wednesday, 5:30pm PDT-6:30pm PDT   Ical event icon
  • We will have paper registration forms available this year if needed. There will be a NSYFA board meeting immediately following in-person registration if anyone would like to attend.

Registration for 2020 Fall season will open SOON!

2019 K-2nd Flag Registration

Click to register for flag


Are you interested in coaching next year and being a part of our growing Viking program?  NSYFA needs YOU!! We will have several coaching positions open next year at all of our levels from Flag to 7th grade. The bigger we get, the more coaches we will need. Come help our community grow! We can't have games and a strong league without the parent's help! If you are interested in helping out in anyway, please contact Dean Sweeney, our President. If you or anyone you know may be interested, please don't hesitate to call or email!

Dean Sweeney - President - 503-871-8477 -

Jeff Flood - Head Varsity Coach -

Natasha Turner-Ibabao- Registrar-

2020 3rd-7th grade Tackle Registration

Click here to register for Tackle

2019 Coaches Registration


Click to view our league site!

2019 Coaches Background Check

Car Wash Fundraiser

Car wash presale tickets will be available April 1st for NSYFA players!!

Want to lower your registration cost? Then come pick up car wash presale tickets.  There is no limit to the amount of coupons you can sell. We just ask that you only take an amount that you feel comfortable selling. Any additional money raised over the cost of your registration fees will go back into our program to help cover the cost of uniforms, equipment and officials.

For every $10 coupon sold $10 will be deducted from your player fees (excludes the $50 initial fee). Selling 13 tickets would pay all of the remaining fees for 3rd-4th grade rookie tackle and selling 18 tickets would pay the remaining fees for 5th-7th grade tackle.

  • Let all of your family and friends know that we will be having the car wash May 31st from 10am-2pm at both Salem Les Schwab Locations; 1710 Lancaster Drive and 2350 Mission St.
  • Each coupon is sold for $10
  • Write your players name on every coupon before you hand them to the purchaser so that when they are turned in at the time of the car wash, we know which player sold the ticket.
  • Write the name and email address of the purchaser of each coupon on the tracker sheet provided to you at ticket checkout.
  • NSYFA players will not be helping at the carwash but will be expected to drop off their tracker sheets and collected money to the board members on duty at either car wash locations.

Please contact Natasha at for presale ticket pick up arrangements.

K-5 Youth Camp

Come learn the fundamentals of football from the North Salem Viking football staff.  During the four-day non-contact camp, campers will receive instruction in all aspects of football including throwing, catching, ball-carrying, kicking, blocking and tackling.


North Salem High School – On the turf

DATE: May 11th-14th

Cost: FREE

Please bring the registration with you or send it to:

North Salem High School

Attn: Coach Flood

765 14th St NE

Salem OR 97301

Medical Release Form

All players MUST have a medical release (sports physical) form signed by a doctor to be eligible to play for North Salem Youth Football or any other TVYF team.  

Medical Release: Currently we use a TVYFL generated form; we would like to start using the OSAA provided form (sports physical form provided by most doctors offices). Last year’s form will still be accepted if it was signed for 2019. Physicals are good for two years. 

In-Person Registration

We will be available for registration assistance on April 1st, 2020 @ NSHS in Coach Flood's portable from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Feel free to email us at with any questions. GO VIKS!


Team News

No news currently found.

Message from Presidents of Salem-Keizer TVFL

This statement has been approved by the Youth Football Presidents from: Sprague, South Salem, North Salem, McKay, West Salem & McNary

"In response to the communication from SKPS potentially denying access to fields if youth football does not follow a certain set of guidelines, the area Association President’s (Sprague, South Salem, North Salem, McKay, West Salem & McNary) have been fighting for an opportunity to be a part of the conversation.  We were fortunate enough to have that conversation with members of SKPS last night. Through lots of great conversation, we learned a great deal about each other’s intentions.  Fortunately, there will be no hearing on Thursday, January 9th as collectively, we all agreed it is in the best interest of to continue to gather more information.  We now know our 2020 season will not be impacted, but that a decision will be made in the future as to whether or not SKPS will consider youth football safe enough to allow the use of facilities. 

SKPS sees the value in including the youth organizations in these conversations and in the information gathering stage.  We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with them.  We will also be a part of future meetings to help create a timeline of events and public forums to discuss before any official proposal is made.  As we learn more about what this looks like, we will continue to share and we all very much appreciate our community support."



No news currently found.


Congratulations! Your organization has been chosen as a 2018 grant recipient from USA Football. 

    Tualatin Valley Football League

    The Tualatin Valley football league is a tackle based football program for 3rd through 8th grade youth in the Tualatin Valley and Portland metropolitan area in Oregon. With over 50 associations, the program now boasts over 6,500 players and 500+ volunteer coaches.

    The TVYFL is a non-profit football club, whose goal is to provide safe and enjoyable athletic competition. Good sportsmanship, fun developing student athletes and individual growth are our main goals.

    Coollogo com 6692182
    Contact Us

    Contact Us


    tvyfl TVYFL tvyfl

    TVYFL Message

    Hi Parents,

    TVYFL would like to send a reminder about the proper behavior we as fans must adhere to toward an Associations Field Greeters, Stadium Rules, and the treatment of ALL Officials. Most of you that come out to watch your son or daughters team are doing everything right. By that I mean, you are where you are supposed to be and you are cheering in a positive and respectful manner. You are setting the example we hope our kids will follow. Unfortunately each year TVYFL receives reports that not all fans have been adhering to the sites field rules, and have engaged into verbal/physical abuse toward field greeters, and officials during games. TVYFL has a ZERO TOLERANCE! policy for inappropriate behavior toward Field Greeters, Officials, or TVYFL Executive Board Members.

    Please respect the rules of each Association Sites from the Field Greeters. As TVYFL By-Laws stipulates Title 7 Section 4-B:

    The bench area is reserved for players, coaches and authorized team personnel only.  Sidelines are specifically for medical personnel and chain crews only.  At no time should parents and/or spectators be allowed to stand directly in the area designated for the above.

    If an Association has a roped off area, you must abide by this, and if asked to move by a field greeter, please do so respectfully without any verbal confrontation. And importantly, please DO NOT BRING ANY PETS inside the stadium (Dogs, cats, birds, etc.). Unless it is a service dog.  As we all like to say, we all have rules in our homes, and there is an expectation that any visitor in our home follows our rules. Many Associations rent these fields and are subject to conditions they must adhere to in being able to use them, let’s not put the Associations in a position to lose home games or fined because of our actions.

    On the subject of verbal confrontations:

    The only people who shall speak to the officials pertaining to the officiating, before, during or after a game directly shall be the Head Coach, Association Board Members, TVYFL Executive Board, or Field Greeters.  Please do not go to them directly to vent out one’s frustrations, because there can be consequences, not just for yourself, but the team, and Association.

    Even if it is done in a calm tone, it can easily be perceived as something different, and it will always be the word of the officials first.  Most of these officials are High School kids, and already have a tough job getting yelled at by the coaches during a game, they should not have to worry about being intimated by fans during half-time, or after a game. TVYFL has sent a memorandum about coaches behaviors toward officials. PFOA’s have threatened, and some have refused to do games because of the verbal abuse from coaches, and parents. Associations are finding it harder to get youth officials to do their games as well. Remember, no officials, no games.

    The issue of bad officiating will always be subjective, and calls will get missed, and unfortunately may cause an injury to a child. You as fans must trust your head coach to do what is right in situation that involves the safety of football for your child, which I know is hard to do. There is a chain of command one must follow when one feels the officials are not making the right calls, or allowing unsportsmanlike behavior in the game, which is allowing your head coach to do their job.

    TVYFL By-Law

    Division Co-Presidents shall have the full power and authority to suspend, fine or provide whatever sanction they deem appropriate upon any officer, player, parent, guardian or coach within the following guidelines for each violation.

    Failure to abide by TVYFL’s rules and by-laws, the parent will be subject to removal from the field, suspension, and possible removal from the league from TVYFL for you and your child for the following season.

    TVYFL knows the majority conducts themselves appropriately as we do have the best fans, parents, which create much envy amongst other youth sports (not just football) leagues.  We will always conduct ourselves with respectable pride. We cheer for our team, and clap for our opponents.

    Thank You,

    TVYFL Executive Board


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